Inspire '16 has ended
Welcome to the Inspire ’16 Professional Development Day Website.  

This Teacher-Driven PD Day has a wide variety of options for educators both within the Mendon-Upton Regional School District and outside of the district to participate, collaborate and learn.  

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  • The day will begin at 8:00, with the keynote presentation, starting promptly at 8:15 in the Nipmuc HS Auditorium. 
  • Once sessions are approaching capacity, registration maybe closed if we can’t find a larger venue.  
  • Some rooms may be changed between now and the day of the event.  
  • Some details of sessions may be adapted as well.
  • We still welcome session proposals by emailing Maureen Cohen at mcohen@mursd.org
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For additional details about the day go to:  March 11 PD Day Information

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Friday, March 11

8:00am EST

8:01am EST

8:15am EST

9:10am EST

Session 1 and Session 3: Individual Project Music Assessments Nipmuc Music Room Session 1: Response to Intervention Discussion Nipmuc G220 Session 1: Individual Project 7th Grade Co-teaching Nipmuc B241 Session 2: Individual Project. 2nd Step Curriculum Training Clough Session 1: The Newly Adopted MA Science and Technology Standards Nipmuc Auditorium Session 1: 8th Grade English Google Classroom Nipmuc B240 Session 1: Beyond the Curriculum Nipmuc G217 Session 1 and 2: 5th Grade ELA Common Assessments Nipmuc B242 Session 1 and Session 2: CPR Refresher Course Nipmuc Cafeteria Session 1 and 2: 1st Grade Math Nipmuc B238 Session 1 and 2: Collaborative Creation of Team Website with Weebly Nipmuc G221 (Computer Lab) Session 1 and 2: Assessment in the Art Program Nipmuc Art Classroom Session 1 and 2: Google Apps for Social Studies Teachers Nipmuc G215 Session 1 and 2: Guiding Principles of Immersion Education Nipmuc G216 Session 1-3: 8th Grade Math Common Assessments in Pre-Algebra and Algebra Nipmuc PDC Individual Project: MCAS 2015 Data Analysis and Collaborative Conversation Miscoe Full Day Session: 4th Grade Collaboration on Assessments Nipmuc G213 Full Day Session: RETELL in the ELA Classroom Nipmuc G219 Full Day Session: Developing School Counseling Curriculum Nipmuc Counseling Office Individual Project: 11th Grade ELA Creating Performance Assessments Nipmuc G218 Individual Project: 21st Century Skills Curriculum Nipmuc B237 Individual Project: French Curriculum Work Nipmuc B236 Individual Project: Library Cataloguing and Curriculum School-based libraries Individual Project: Math Curriculum Work in Atlas Rubicon Nipmuc G314 Individual Session: DBT/Mindfulness Implementation Planning Nipmuc Gathering Room

10:15am EST

11:20am EST

12:25pm EST

1:30pm EST